Mary DuPrie - Photographing Models - Simply Modeling
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In this 120min program learn all the methods to modeling: How to model and direct models to industry expectations.

What comes easily to Mary DuPrie is illustrated in every detail in this wonderful two hour video. Every little detail of what makes a good photograph is revealed, and demonstrated over and over. There really are secrets, natural methods and movements, subtle techniques that so many models and photographers have never known about.

Now you can model like New York and shoot photographs with tremendous confidence... now you know.

Unlike so many videos, the person who created this instruction also presents the methods: Mary DuPrie takes on the role of the model. She describes every move, every position, relationship to body and the lights, face and shadow, eyes and the camera, she concentrates on everything.

Mary DuPrie - Photographing Models - Simply Modeling

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As a model you will learn and understand every nuance of being a good model, what is expected and what you will confidently deliver.

As a photographer, you learn first and foremost from a photographer what to look for and how to help a model achieve easier and better posing methods.

Although this video shows some lighting setups while Mary shoots, it is not a lighting instruction.

Whether you've been shooting for a month, a year, or ten years, this is a very informative look at how to get the very best from any model.

* Mary demonstrates every move, every method a model must master.
* Better modeling comes easily, it can never be forced or look like work. Mary shows how to get a model to perform.
* The model learns every detail about where the light source is and what the photographer wants. How to work in the studio under lights and on sets.
* The different posing styles: Catalog posing, casual posing, the do's and don'ts.
* Modeling on location and how to work with the environment.
* Location methods to blend with natural light and the surroundings.
* Runway modeling and basic Runway technique.
* Three points or planes of the posing body: Head, chest, pelvis.
* And much, much, much more.


Mary DuPrie - Photographing Models - Simply Modeling

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